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There are lots of things to think about when you become a manager.

You are magically expected to know how to delegate, give feedback, coach underperforming team members.  You have to make decisions that you often feel horribly underequipped to make. And, of course, you need to develop an amazing, close knit, high performing team.

No wonder it can feel overwhelming! The aim of The Smarter Manager is to give you the tools to build your competence and confidence to become a great manager.

It's time to feel more comfortable in those management shoes.

Let's get started!


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The Smarter Manager Hub

How about we make this management stuff feel a bit easier?

The Smarter Manager Hub gives you access to free resources to help you transition into the manager you want to be.

Speak Up In Meetings Challenge

Build your confidence in five easy steps to prove you deserve to be in that meeting.

This challenge helps new managers find the confidence to speak up in meetings without the fear of people judging their competence in their new role.

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